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"Skyla's Hat Adventures, The Magic of Discovery"

Visit DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C. (www.donnaink.com | http://www.donnaink.org) today for your copy of this newly released title!

Have you ordered your copy yet? My children’s book, “Skyla’s Hat Adventures, The Magic of Discovery” is available for purchase now!! I am so very excited to share my stories with you. This is the first release of a series to come. You can purchase my first book by visiting www.donnaink.com or www.donnaink.org.

Come along with me on this magical adventure filled with the discovery of dreams, hats, and more.  When you get your copy you can read the special tribute to my Grandmother Pauline, and also discover a delightful story that will inspire all minds both young and old to not give up on their dreams.

My Grandmother is no longer on this earth but I know she is still with me on this journey. I feel her with me every step of the way as I continue to write these stories. Below is a picture of her wearing one of her hats. She loved hats and flowers. She instilled in me so many wonderful things. She truly made a positive impact on my life and who I am today. This is for you Grandma. I miss you so much. Thank-you for inspiring me!

My Grandma in her garden.

Grandma Pauline in her flower garden.

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