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Dear Literature, Thank you for keeping us entertained, making us think, showing us other worlds, and offering glorious distraction when reality has us freaking out. What would we do without you? We love you forever. Signed, Readers

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Originally posted on Carthage North Carolina: “As It Is Written, So Shall It Be: The Dark Chambers of Carthaginian” is my new novel and this is day one of her creation! Filled with supernatural events, under-worldly organized crime, and sin plotted against belief. This title brandishes a small town Americana universe comprised of Carthaginians and pits…

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The 6:43 a.m. Saturday conversations with baristas are the best conversations to have with baristas. Most of the morning crowd is still stretching and reading headlines in bed. Those who are here? There is a man sleeping in the leather chair in the middle of the shop. I guess if you’re going to sleep in […]

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New Year, New/Revised/Rebooted Plans

Live to Write - Write to Live

succeed-in-2017As 2016 came to a close and  I flipped the page to 2017, I reflected on my goals and dreams of 2016 to summarize the year.

It’s always a fun exercise to filter 12 months of sweat and labor down a few pages of one liners, but it’s also fruitful.

I noticed (as I do every year it seems) that I start out with a lot of gusto and have yearly goals written out, and have the first month broken out to weekly and daily tasks. I manage to keep the effort going, but the momentum slows by the end of the 2nd quarter (about June). In 2016, I barely had anything written down in October or November. Then I sputtered to life a little in regard to writing weekly goals, a little bit in December.

There are several resources on the Internet for how to review your prior year…

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Writing a personal mission statement

wisdom within, ink

This post is an edited version of my 1/9/16 Rutland Herald column, “All Write!”
IMG_4018Last week I offered some ideas and prompts for envisioning and planning your future. In this post I will continue on the theme of setting intentions through personal writing methods, this time by discussing personal mission statements.
I have found, as many others have, that writing something down gives it more power (or in some cases, as with fears and anxieties, less — but that’s another topic for another post). Writing down plans, goals and steps forward (as in a weight-loss regimen) makes them more real, concrete and provides written evidence of progress which, if only small steps, deserves recognition and celebration.
(This reminds me of two helpful and proven-for-well-being daily practices: writing gratitudes and acknowledging what you did accomplish on your to-do, not what was left undone. This helps keeps the motivation going.)
This is…

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Scientists Catch a Black Hole Munching On a Giant Planet

Author Fabio Evangelista DaSilva

Scientists observing a distant galaxy catch a black hole in the middle of destroying a planet larger than Jupiter.


Like virtually every other galaxy in the universe, the Galaxy NGC 4845 has a central black hole. For the past few decades, though, that black hole has lain dormant, without giving much sign it was there. That changed recently, however, when scientists caught the black hole the in process of eating a little snack. “Little” in this case being a planet larger than Jupiter.

“The observation was completely unexpected, from a galaxy that has been quiet for at least 20–30 years,” said lead researcher Marek Nikolajuk in a press release.

So unexpected, in fact, that astronomers weren’t even looking at the Galaxy when they were doing their research. They were using the ESA’s Integral system to observe an entirely different galaxy. It just so happened that while they were doing so…

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Penny for your thoughts

Author Matthew Cody

Looking through photographs, it is apparent to me that in the age of digital photography, one should always have a camera. Long past are the day and age of being cautions with ammunition and in the now, people should be trigger happy. It is so evedent when one strolls around and under New York City. The seasoned subway rider can tell which station they are in by the art and decorations when the train pulls in. There are lovely castings, I think of brass, in the last/first station at 14th Street and 8th Avenue. Art is fun.


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