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Another Important Character of The Stars We Wrecked: Priscilla

Author Milan Kalis

She is smart enough to know when to leave Elvis. Although her leaving is after infidelity. The scene is tough. The scene changes the book.

Does she know that Elvis paid P. for loving her?

She wants believe to love. And maybe she loves Elvis for the young man he used to be. But they live in the society where man and woman has to play games for masses. She knows about this fact but she doesn´t want to play no more in seclusion room at Graceland.

She says to Arnold Lane in long dialogue when they meet after first collapse of Elvis:

,,I made the child with closed eyes with big prayer, hoping that this kind of love ends fast.”

When she leaves Elvis, Elvis is with wife of dying senator (Georga is around fifty and Elvis sees his mother in her) in the bedroom. They listen Frank Sinatra… and…

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Is This ‘International Flag of Planet Earth’ the One We’ll Plant on Mars?

Author Fabio Evangelista DaSilva

flagA Swedish university student has created a design for an “International Flag of Planet Earth” that could be planted on alien worlds during future human exploration missions.

The student project, which Oskar Pernefeldt undertook for a bachelor’s degree in fine arts at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, features several interlocked white circles on a blue background. The flag is intended to remind people that we all share planet Earth, regardless of nationality, Pernefeldt said.

“Current expeditions in outer space use different national flags depending on which country is funding the voyage. The space travelers, however, are more than just representatives of their own countries. They are representatives of planet Earth,” Pernefeldt wrote on his project’s website.

flag 1The proposed International Flag of Planet Earth by student Oskar Pernefeldt of Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, Sweden.

The international cooperation will likely be a big part of any future human missions…

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Linux Creator Linus Torvalds Laughs at the AI Apocalypse

Author Fabio Evangelista DaSilva

terminatorOver the past several months, many of the world’s most famous scientists and engineers — including Stephen Hawking — have said that one of the biggest threats to humanity is an artificial superintelligence. But Linus Torvalds, the irascible creator of open source operating system Linux, says their fears are idiotic.

He also raised some good points, explaining that what we’re likely to see isn’t some destructive superintelligence like Skynet, but instead a series of “targeted AI” that do things like language translation or scheduling. Basically, these would just be “fancier” versions of apps like Google Now or Siri. They will not, however, be cybergods, or even human-equivalent forms of intelligence.

A Little More Elaborate

In an Q/A with Slashdot community members, Torvalds explained what he thinks will be the result of research into neural networks and AI:

We’ll get AI, and it will almost certainly be through something very much…

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