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Order your copy today. Get the first release and cd by visiting www.donnaink.org and www.donnaink.com. Join me on this magical adventure that will touch young minds as they travel the world learning about cultures, and occupations. In the story, Little Skyla finds a trunk full of her Grandmother’s hats. With each hat she puts on she is transported to a destination. The first book she tries on a pink cowboy hat and is transported to the famous and historic Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN. She sings a powerful ballad titled Reach For The Stars and feels what it’s like to step onto the stage for the very first time. In the surreal moment she is in, she is in complete awe and can’t believe this is happening.  All her dreams of her singing have come true. She is thrilled. Get your magical copy today and travel with Skyla through this adventure. Dream Big & Reach For The Stars!!