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As I sit here at home on a Tuesday evening, I look out the window and think about my life and how I arrived to where I am today. I look back and think about my childhood, growing up in WV, and the people who influenced and made a positive impact on my life along this journey. I was very fortunate to have grown up with a supportive and loving family. I am thankful for each day I have with them, and have so many amazing memories.

All the experiences I have had over the years, both good and bad, have brought me here, and made me who I am today. Having values instilled in me from a young age and a loving supportive family really helped me become a confident woman. My hope is to make a positive impact on children with my “Skyla Hat Adventures” book series. I want to give children: hope, inspiration, confidence, and encouragement to chase their dreams. Children really are our future. They are the next generation to move on and do BIG and BETTER things.


Ironically, Ido not have children of my own, but I love children and have an adorable niece and two nephews. I know they are the future and I love seeing their eyes light up with excitement when you sing a song, read them a book, and just laugh together and spend quality time together. It’s not what you leave behind… a car, a house, your favorite pair of shoes or favorite hats; it’s leaving something behind bigger than that to others. Leaving a message of hope that you can really do anything if you work hard and keep trying. Nothing is impossible and out of reach. Some people will say your dream is impossible and you can never do that, but stay strong in who you are and what’s been put in your heart to do. Remember to always be strong even when you feel like you could break, be confident in your skills, and have faith that you can achieve all that’s been put in your heart. Give your child, or a child an extra word of encouragement today ~as they really are the future.