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Skyla Spencer’s children’s book, Skyla’s Hat Adventures, The Magic of Discovery, is available to pre-order, and releasing soon. Skyla is a signed published author with DonnaInk Publications L.L.C. – a small woman-owned publishing house. To secure a deep pocket discount of the title, CD or compilation set visit: http://www.donnaink.com or http://www.donnaink.org or complete the form below.

This is her first release in a full book series to come. Join “Little Skyla” on this delightful magical adventure. Children can travel with her all over the world learning about themselves, imagining all they can do and become, and realizing that dreams aren’t far. The book accompanies a CD of three songs written and performed by Ms. Spencer, engineered by Winter Creek – BMI and Lone Wolf Productions. Background vocals by Ms. Tecia Hedden.

Be certain to secure a copy of this collectible book, CD and/or compilation by country singer, entertainer and published author Skyla Spencer.

For all performance news visit: www.skylaspencer.com.

Gooring HATS2

Photo Credit:- Moments By Moser Photography


DonnaInk Publications, L.L.C.