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Short stop after I finished reading The Compass by Joshua Lisec published by DonnaInk Publications

Joshua Lisec is author of the short novel The Compass, published by DonnaInk Publications.
I received the eBook from DonnaInk Publications few months ago. So, I read it. And I was surprised. Joshua Lisec is really a promised author.
The Compass is a story prequel to Lisec´s The Phoenix Reich (576 pages).
You can buy the short novel and read reviews from readers here:

Joshua Lisec says that he likes Dan Brown. Excuse me, Mr. Lisec, but I think that you are better writer than Dan Brown. I just have better feelings about your talent (compare to Brown´s Digital Fortress, his first novel published in 1998)..

Result after I finished reading The Compass? I decided to buy author´s another novel…
And I´m surprised even more how other readers review Lisec´s The Phoenix Reich in Amazon:

And at the end of this “ short stop“? I like what Joshua…

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